Languages to learn in a few weeks

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We are a strategic, personal service offered in a very helpful and supportive atmosphere. It provides the same experienced, professional approach to language learning as you could discover at some of the prestigious international business training centres close to London, but at an aptly modest cost. Some clients find out training experience so valuable and enjoyable that they come back for booster courses, or arrange a package of ongoing individual tuition and supervision over many months, so that – rather like belonging to a gym or having a trainer – we often become part of a lifestyle of ongoing personal and/or professional development.

Get in touch with us with as much information as you are able to about your goals, your time schedule,  your availability and your language learning background, and we will suggest a course (usually 12 - 18 hours) to meet your particular needs, whether you’re learning German, Spanish or French.

Useful information

You will be wise to ask well in advance, though if you are short of time, do not despair – often there are sudden cancellations and a few days become unexpectedly available.  Registered charities are given special rates, and the unique arrangements can be as flexible as it is possible to be. Our site is designed to provide advice and information about top language software. Please use the site to find resources for language learning, the products available, information on the companies who develop the software and recommended places to buy the software.

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Languages to learn in a few weeks

Our language school is a small, flexible tuition and coaching facility with over three decades of experience teaching in Europe and South America, focussing on foreseeing clients’ language needs and offering personally custom-designed courses to enable individuals to meet the challenge of moving or working abroad. Since the service started in Great Britain in 1982, ambitious and driven students of all ages and all language levels, many nationalities and from very varied walks of life - teachers, doctors, business executives, consultants, engineers, development workers, students, counsellors, administrators, and the retired – have turned to us for the strategic training they need in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Improving your languages

So, if you are keen to learn or improve a language – whatever your personality type – we will provide a sound foundation for you. Whether your brush with languages is one of success or failure, whether you can’t even say hello in the language, have survival skills picked up at evening classes,  or rusty school-level language, this unique training can help you.  You can choose to take it intensively (twelve hours over two days) or more frequently (a few hours every week over a longer period).  

How to study

You can take your training as thorough study days, either residentially (by staying for a few days in London near the tutor’s house) or by arranging tuition to take place at your office or your home. Regular non-intensive tuition is also available.

Your course will be tailored uniquely for you, to reflect your interests, meet your needs, remedy your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

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